What is the MP Project ? The MP Project plays the rock/hard rock music from Mike Pacheco's solo work with new songs written together as a band added along the way.

Mike Pacheco was a leading member of the moderately successful metal band Mortal Remains. After 1 1 EP and a full length release on the indie label Tenderstone Entertainment, Mortal Remains received very respectable college radio recognition as well as european radio play and press, some charting higher than well known established acts.

After tons of shows with locals and some national acts, Mortal Remains called it a day. For half his life, metal was all there was.

Now, Mike wants to explore other sides of rock music. "During my time in Mortal Remains, I always wrote more mainstream rock music on the side, the time has come to bring these songs to life" says Mike. " I always wanted to play music that is atmospheric, as well as straight ahead and catchy. The great thing about rock music, is that you can touch on all different forms of it and still be considered rock. With metal, it can seem limited to what you can do".

Wanting to put together a band that can go full speed ahead or know when to lay back, Mike was looking for musicians that have paid their dues as well as bring in their own style and ideas into the mix. A solid drummer was needed to build on, Mike Aaron who is the former drummer of a popular local NY band "UFK" as well as tons of projects with other local bands fit the bill. To provide the bottom, Willy Mosquera of "Attakku", an very successful and respected NY band from the late 80's, early 90's was brought on board. Chris Gold, who has worked the Long Island cover band circuit was added to bring in a solid guitar to the lineup. The MP project was created and for 2 years left it's mark on the NYC club circuit. After a hiatus, Mike brought in Duke Borisov, former drummer of Scar Culture and Scrape as well as former Mortal Remains bandmate Steve Zajac take on Mike Aaron and Willy Mosquera's spots."Now with Duke and Steve in the band our line up is on more solid ground so we can pursue adding more variety of music to the live sets in addition to the hard rock material we've been doing, in due time of course", says Mike.

With the new lineup complete, the MP Project has made it a must to become a driving force on the NYC club circuit. They provide a set list that consists of songs that range from Hard rock, pop, experimental to bordering on metal. Giving you a performance and a music variety that does not sound like one song that's an hour long. The MP project leaves it all out on the stage with the energy, drive and determination to be the best band on the bill and to have the audience leave repeating the songs in their heads. With each show, the buzz grows.